it’s working!


Email exchange with a student, E, as she worked on revising her historical fiction narrative this weekend.

E: Do I need to add more details in my story or do I just need to rewrite my story
Me: I think more details are always great!
E: I think it’s fun to add more details right. Thanks for your response.

My heart: *poof!*

I’ve been really down about the way many of my colleagues look at our students’ writing and progress, and this was such a welcome note of cheer. Fun! To write! It’s totally working. 🙂

Commenters/lurkers! I’d love to hear about your latest smile-inducing triumphs. If you’re reading this, please share some joy!


4 thoughts on “it’s working!

  1. This is an old triumph even though I just heard about it. (I am retired) Just heard from one of my students who told me that she buried the poem she wrote for her mother while in my class…buried it with her mother because her mother kept it framed. I thought I might write a post about it to show that no matter what we hear…teachers touch the hearts of many and don’t even know it. Loved reading your post and glad you felt a triumph! Jackie

    • Jackie, how lovely! You’re so right: we can’t ever know how we influence our students, or what leaves a lasting impression. All the more reason to make as many meaningful moments as possible.

  2. I think that responding to students’ writing is a big deal–not telling them how to make it better, just responding to what they have written as a way that they have taught you something about their lives or about how they see the world. Then they see writing as important–and fun, too! The fact that your student values your input so much speaks a lot about you as a teacher!!

    • definitely, melanie! your post about writing on student work was really encouraging for me. i’ve been trying, often fighting uphill, to redirect my students away from “make this better!” when they share their writing with me. it’s tough, but these little triumphs are so encouraging.

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