look at this place!


the superintendent is here today. she visited one of my classes this morning & has since been requesting various “artifacts” from our classrooms & departments: meeting protocol descriptions, binders of agendas & minutes, samples of student work bundled by task, rubric, & feedback, current unit plans, & more, & more. during my lunch, two of my coworkers reported to collect some artifacts from me.

“this whole thing just feels unneeded,” one said. he gestured to my classroom with a grand sweep of his arm. “look at this place! if you can’t see the learning that happens in here, i just don’t know if any of this well help.”

dear reader, i think i blushed! i love my classroom. i was excited to get it ready in september, but now that it’s broken in & plastered with personality care of my students, just walking in here can lift the worst of my moods. observe:

september 2013
march 2014

i could go on & on about every little detail, but i’m really loving the vocabulary posters & word walls right now. i love seeing my daydreamers & wandering eyers staring at words instead of empty space. i got the idea from a student, & i was so excited to show her that i’d turned her idle chit chat into part of our decor. the look on her face was a heartburst; it was everything i felt at her age when someone surprised me by revealing they’d heard what i was saying.


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