sharing is caring


I wish I could tell you they all ate dumplings. But I wasn’t too broken up as I followed behind the chaperones who had caved and taken the kids to McDonald’s. Every one who had braved a dumpling combo or a sesame pancake sandwich (drool) was a victory, a celebration. Plus, it’s hard to be disappointed when you’re tearing into a warm pillow of a red bean bun.

I tore off small chunks for Ema & Eva, smiling as they nibbled cautiously. It had been a day of stories at the Tenement Museum, so it felt only right to tell Ema & Eva about childhood trips to the doctor near Chinatown, bribed into compliance with a trip to the bakery afterward, happily munching on a red bean bun while my father bought groceries from the streetside markets.
“So, these make you feel good,” Ema mused.
“Sharing makes me feel good. When I like something, I want to share it with other people. They might like it, too.”

She returned my broad smile & finally took a proper bite.


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