field trip negotiations


“before you ask: no mcdonald’s.”
“i’m not coming.”
“you can eat mcdonald’s here in the bronx. there are 250 in new york city – i looked that up this weekend.”
“i wanted to know.”
“bring five or ten dollars, you’ll eat like a king.”
“like a king?”
“a viking?”
“like a thing?”
“a king. like a king. it means you’ll eat a lot of good food.”
“what if i don’t have $5?”
“i’m not rich!”
“i want three mcchickens & a milkshake!”
“just don’t buy any cookies or candy today. then tomorrow, you’ll have enough for dumplings?”
“que significa dumplings?”
“no cookies?!”
“duck babies?”
“no, guys, these dumplings are amazing. not ducklings. dumplings. como…como pastelitos, but better.”
“nuh uh!”
“better than pastelitos?? nothing!”
“not even mcdonald’s?”
“…maybe mcdonald’s.”
“trust me, these dumplings. you’ll love them.”
“for real, ms. no mcdonald’s?”
“no mcdonald’s.”


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