ema winced every time my pen touched the paper. kaba couldn’t watch. they had asked me for this – fix the errors, show me what to do – but it was brutal. i felt like i should have known better than to give in.
“mistakes are good,” i said, my oft-repeated line. “we need mistakes. you can’t grow unless you make mistakes.”
i told them that i make mistakes when i write, all the time. i told them about a blog post i’d written, the drafting i’d done with my friends, how my writing had been taken apart & reassembled & cut to pieces. ema smiled, nodded thoughtfully, but kaba shrugged. he said, “your mistakes and our mistakes are different.”
i put my fist over my heart, the way he does when he tries to challenge six-foot mohamadou to a competition of strength. “that is what makes you brave.” & at least he smiled.


One thought on “mistakes

  1. Too sweet…”your mistakes and our mistakes are different”. I absolutely LOVE that you said–this is what makes you brave–ain’t that the truth! Easy to say but hard to swallow (even for adults).

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