a different kind of buzz


some mornings, like this one, i couldn’t leave the house until i’d gotten it out. i woke up with the song stuck in my mouth, like a thread of corn between two teeth: resilient, invisible, impossible to ignore. the cats followed my voice around the apartment, reaching up to paw at it as it wove through the air above them. standing at the door, getting close to too warm under my endless winter layers, i allowed myself one more chorus before i unlocked the door.

we’ll never be royals/it don’t run in our blood…

lately, my coworker has been performing at open mics, trying to get back in her groove. sometimes i daydream about performing. a wave of goosebumps flows over me, head to toe, but despite that shivery excitement, i know it’s not what i want. i like that i sing just for me now. i know music will always run in my blood. i don’t need a crowd to live that fantasy.


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